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After traveling around the world searching for the best Peruvian Restaurant, we decided to create at MACCHUPISKO our own culinary concept. We will make the effort to help you discover the best of the Peruvian gastronomy.

Our cuisine, as well as our country, is full of dream and challenges. We invite you to come anytime, and enjoy our culinary trip trough the flavor of our beloved Peru.

We hope to provide you with a unique experience.




Jose Cervantes was born in Apurimac, seat of the Chanca culture, from where he arrived in Lima as child. At very young age he started working in the culinary world. From his beginning in the gastronomy, he specialized in banquets working next to Maritza Guiulfo in Lima. Later, he departed to Londres where he worked for ambassador  Gilbert Shonil at the Peruvian embassy. Little by little, he acquired all the skills that just the experience offer to be an expert in the kitchen.


He arrived in Paris from the hand of Mr. Javier Pérez de Cuéllar, working also with the Minister Ines Valverde and others. His culinary skills had been recognized in the Capital of Light by the French community and Hispanic. He is considered as one of the best chefs of the Peruvian gastronomy in Paris.


His function at MACCHUPISKO, besides the Chef of the kitchen, is to put the name of Peru and its renowned gastronomy in the place that deserve.


She was born in Lima, yet her origins traced back to Amazonas and Cajamarca. She spent most of her life in Madrid, where she obtained a degree in Marketing and Public Relations at the Universidad Complutense of Madrid. 

While completing the coursework, she acquired experience collaborating in the most renowned hotel chains. 

She modeled lingerie and bathing suits for prestigious brands in Spain. She has also participated in various award-winning cinematographic productions of Pedro Almodovar. She has even represented Peru in the movie “El Puente de San Luis Rey” along Robert de Niro.

After concluding her professional career, she decided to venture in the business world with the travel agency “Mundial Express,” which she managed before she moved to Paris.

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